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Celebrating at The Pier Geelong, perched at the end of the Cunningham Pier, a full 250 meters out over the sparkling waters of Geelong’s waterfront, a happy gathering of this couple’s friends heralds the matrimony of Lily Harvey and Jordan Gibson after 6 loving years of courtship that involved travel, companionship, pets, adventures, trust, humor, joy, and a special friendship.

Friendship is the basis of love, and truly caring relationships that will endure. Our young couple’s school friendship lasted from 9th year through their university years, blossoming into a romance that then led to this wonderful day when Lily and Jordan are committing to one another for the rest of their lives, through sickness and health, poverty or wealth, to part only at death – joined in that beautiful union conceived for the wellbeing of humankind, and to protect the blessings of family, nurturing the next generation together through marriage.